Unlimited miles

There are no mileage caps, so you can drive as much as you want and never get hit with mileage fees. Plus, you get free basic maintenance.


Ultimate flexibility

Get access to popular cars with lease terms potentially up to 36 months. And just in case your situation changes, we offer a flexible return policy.*


Basic maintenance

Basic maintenance is fully covered so you can focus on driving—we take care of the rest.

Getting started


Create an Uber account

Sign up for an Uber driver-partner account and say you’re interested in finding a vehicle. Once your account is activated, log into your account and click to apply for Xchange Leasing. All credit levels are eligible to apply, even if you have poor credit, or no credit history.


I have an Uber account

Current driver-partners can apply directly by signing in to your profile at and visiting the Vehicle Marketplace menu option.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of cars can I get with the Xchange Leasing program?

Vehicles requirements for Xchange Leasing program:

2009 or newer
No salvage title
4 full-sized doors
Minimum of 5 seat belts (driver and 4 passengers)

See the full list of vehicles here.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

The Xchange Leasing program is designed just for Uber driver-partners, so you must be approved to drive on the platform to apply. This includes completing a background check.

How do I apply?

If you are a current driver partner, you can apply directly by signing in to your profile at and visiting the Vehicle Marketplace. If you are not an Uber partner, first sign up to drive with Uber. After you’ve completed your background check and are approved to drive, you can apply for a lease at

After I apply, how will I be notified of my credit decision?

If you are approved for a lease, you should receive an email shortly after you apply with your approval details. If you are not eligible for a lease, you will receive a notification by email with a secure link to view your credit decision details.

I was approved for a lease with Xchange Leasing. What’s next?

After you’re approved for a lease, the Xchange Leasing team will contact you via email or phone with a list of participating Xchange Leasing showrooms or dealerships in your area. You can also sign in here and see a list of locations for Xchange Leasing in your city. Please set up an appointment and visit one of our locations to choose your car.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Once you’ve applied for a lease online and been approved, please bring the following items to one of Xchange Leasing's locations to pick your vehicle and sign your lease:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Your security deposit (cashier’s check, money order, or a debit card)
  • Your bank account information, including routing and account numbers
  • One proof of residency document, like a utility bill, bank statement, or mortgage/lease agreement

How much is the security deposit?

Please refer to your pre-approval email for the exact deposit amount you're eligible for.

Do I need insurance?

Vehicle insurance is required to lease a car through Xchange Leasing. Curious how much insurance will cost? Since insurance rates depend on a lot of factors and vary from person to person, the best way to estimate costs is to get a quote from an insurance provider. In the state of California, you are required to have rideshare insurance.

* Flexible leases from Xchange Leasing, LLC are potentially up to 36 months with the flexibility to return the vehicle as early as 30 days after the first payment due date with a payment of a $250 disposition fee. Not all applicants will qualify for this program. Certain items present on your credit report, and other information, may cause you to be excluded from this offer, including without limitation, a repossessed vehicle within the last 12 months, a pending bankruptcy, or a discharged bankruptcy within the last 12 months. To qualify for this program, you must sign a “payment deduction authorization agreement” with Uber under which you authorize payment of your lease payments from your Uber earnings. The Xchange Leasing program is not available in all cities. Weekly payments do not include taxes, fees, and license. The majority of eligible vehicles will be pre-leased and/or pre-owned inventory. See full sample lease terms.