Voluntary Recovery Promotion FAQ's



  • What happens to my deposit?

The regular process regarding the return of the deposit is if you return your vehicle before the end of your lease there is a disposition fee that would come out of any deposit you had put down.  

Example: Initial Security Deposit - Disposition Fee = Amount the customer can expect back

  • What if I have outstanding toll & citation charges?

Outstanding toll & citation charges will remain on your account and will be remain due.

  • When am I no longer responsible for future payments? What about my past due balance?

Once the vehicle is picked up by the third party provider, you are no longer responsible for future payments. Your account will be adjusted to reflect the return as of that date and you are still responsible for any past due payment and/or fee amounts. You will still receive this incentive if you take advantage of this offer.

  • Do I need to be present at the time of pick-up?  Can I have someone else return my car for me?

You must be present at time of pickup to sign release and odometer disclosure. A third party can only sign on your behalf if a copy of the Power of Attorney is provided.

  • Is there some where I can drop my vehicle off instead of waiting for pickup?

No, at this time the only available option to return vehicles is through our pickup process. As soon as you provide a pickup address via Docusign, we will assign your account out for pickup with a third party vendor. They will reach out to your and attempt to pick up the vehicle within 3 days depending upon your and their availability.

  • Do we provide the copies of the signed release forms?

You may request a signed copy of your release form by emailing us at support@xchangeleasing.com.

  • Does the lease terminate at the time of pickup or time of request?

The lease terminates at time of pickup when you sign the return form.

  • Can I  expedite the pickup service?  

Please contact us at returns@xchangeleasing.com and we can provide the provider’s service number so you can proactively schedule an appointment in an attempt to expedite the process.  Please note that pick ups are dependent on your and the vendors availability and we cannot guarantee this will result in a faster pickup.

  • Why am I getting this incentive?

Xchange Leasing regularly offers incentives to our current customers. Sometimes people want to return their vehicle and are hesitant to make a decision, so we offer these incentives to help the process.   You will probably see more of these types of communications in the future, and you may have seen some previously while you have been leasing through us.

  • What should I do if I haven't received my e-gift card after 14 business days?

Contact Xchange Leasing Customer Service by emailing support@xchangeleasing.com.

  • What does the eGift Card look like? How do I use it?

The eGift card is a virtual gift card. The image on the email looks just like a real Visa gift card, with the card number and CVV.

  • Online Use:

When using it online, simply provide the card number as you would using a regular credit card. Since this is a Visa credit card, you can use it with all online merchants who are currently accepting Visa cards.

  • Physical Merchant Locations:

These cards can be used at physical merchant locations provided the cashiers are able to manually enter the card number (no scanning ability).


Only recipients of the promotional email from Xchange Leasing are eligible for the $500 electronic Visa gift card reward. If you have already returned your vehicle prior to receiving this offer, you are not eligible for the $500 electronic Visa gift card reward.

To be eligible for the $500 electronic Visa gift card reward, the vehicle needs to be recovered in good operating condition (not a total loss) and without excessive wear and tear within 7 calendar days of returning Release Form.