Get a $200 Visa gift card + avoid $425 in fees

Our records show you are 21 or more days past due on your lease payments. If you don't start making payments and pay down your balance, you will lose your vehicle next week.


If you cannot make a payment, you have two options.


Option A: Return the car, get a $200 Visa gift card

For a limited time only, you're eligible for a special offer. Receive a $200 Visa gift card if you return the vehicle and keys by Monday, April 10 at 5pm. Gift cards will be available onsite on the same day you return the vehicle. No questions asked, fast and simple.

Drop off your vehicle and keys at one of the eligible locations listed below by April 10 at 5pm. We'll also provide you with a free Uber ride home up to 50 miles from the drop-off location.


Eligible Drop Off Locations

Downtown Nashville Nissan | 25 Vantage Way, Nashville, TN 37228



Monday - Friday 7:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am to 8:00pm



Option B: Do nothing and we will recover the vehicle and charge $425

Collection fees starting at $425 will be added to your account for recovering the vehicle. You will need to pick up any personal items from the repossession agent's lot.



The choice is simple. Return the vehicle, avoid fees, and receive a $200 Visa gift card reward. If you have any questions about this limited time offer, please contact or call 866-760-1450.


*Only recipients of this communication from Xchange Leasing are eligible for the $200 Visa gift card reward. If you have already returned your vehicle prior to receiving this offer, you are not eligible for the $200 Visa gift card reward.