Get a $200 Visa gift card + avoid $425 in fees

Our records show you are five weeks past due on your lease payments. If you do not pay down your balance, your will lose your vehicle very soon.

Call 888-314-0836 to make a payment.**


If you cannot make a payment, you have two options.


Option A: Return the car, get a $200 Visa gift card

For a limited time, receive a $200 Visa gift card if you return the vehicle and keys by Monday, September 18 at 5pm.

When you hand us the keys we'll hand you a $200 Visa gift card in exchange. We’ll also provide you with a free Uber ride home up to 50 miles from the drop-off location.


Eligible Drop Off Locations:


Xchange Leasing Showroom | 2801 Evans St, Hollywood, FL 33020



Monday - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm



Option B: Lose your vehicle and incur $425 or more in fees

Recovery fees of $425 or more will be added to your account. Any personal items may be picked up from the recovery provider’s lot.



The choice is simple. Return the vehicle, avoid fees, and receive a $200 Visa gift card reward. If you have any questions about this limited time offer, please call 866-760-1450.


*Only recipients of this communication from Xchange Leasing are eligible for the $200 Visa gift card reward. If you have already returned your vehicle prior to receiving this offer, you are not eligible for the $200 Visa gift card reward.

**If you make a payment online or through the interactive phone system on Friday or Saturday, call 888-314-0836 immediately and press 5 to speak to an agent to ensure your vehicle is not recovered due to payment delinquency. If a payment is made after hours, there may still be a risk of recovery. Please call back at your earliest convenience during business hours.

***If you return the vehicle with collision damage, you will not be eligible for the Gift Card.